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About this Site

I started this site in February of 2008 to share study tips for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Three years later, I now work as a professional translator in Tokyo.

I focus on self study, since I think that is the most effective way to learn for determined individuals. I also offer a lot of pointers to other great (often free!) online and offline resources.

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Quick Overview

After studying Japanese on and off for three years, I decided to take the 2kyuu in December of 2007. I studied for four months for four hours a day and passed with the help of some memory software (I now recommend Mnemosyne (free) for this purpose).

After the 2kyuu, I decided to round out my study of the kanji and learn to read the 1945 that are taught through high school in Japan. Using Mnemosyne and the Kanji in Context books, I was able to learn to read 1000 kanji in about four months.

I passed the 1kyuu in December of 2008.

I've added articles on many things I've found useful (and some I've found not so useful, so that you'll know) in my study of Japanese. If you have anything to add, please do so in the forums.

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About the Format

I keep this site like a traditional website because the blog format is terrible for first-time visitors. If you come here looking for something specific, you don't want to have to read through the history of my blog or a bunch of forum posts just to find the answer. But, for repeat visitors, or those who want to subscribe via RSS, I do blog updates to the site.