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iTunes 1500 yen card

Do you accept payments in currencies other than the US dollar?

Yes. PayPal, which I use to accept payments, will allow you to pay in your local currency (pounds, euros, etc.) Although my prices are shown in US dollars, when you make a payment with PayPal using a non-USD credit card, PayPal will show you the amount of money in your currency that will be billed to your card.

Can I use these cards to purchase Japanese apps and in-app purchase content?

Yes, the cards can be used to purchase apps from the Japanese App Store as well as in-app purchase content in addition to music, movies, and books from the Japanese iTunes Store. When you redeem a code, it adds credit to your account that works exactly the same as a credit card payment, so the codes can be used to buy anything in the store.

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Can I use two accounts from two different countries' stores on the same iPhone?

You can only be logged in to one account at a time, but you can use apps from two or more accounts without trouble. Simply download the apps in iTunes from your other accounts and then sync them over using your computer.

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