Sony Japan PSN FAQ

Do you accept payments in currencies other than the US dollar?

Yes. PayPal, which I use to accept payments, will allow you to pay in your local currency (pounds, euros, etc.) Although my prices are shown in US dollars, when you make a payment with PayPal using a non-USD credit card, PayPal will show you the amount of money in your currency that will be billed to your card.

What can I buy from the Japanese PSN?

You can buy...
  • PlayStation One games
  • PlayStation 3 games
  • PSP games
  • Vita games
  • Japanese movies
  • Japanese TV shows
  • Japanese anime
... that are hard to find or unavailable outside Japan.

Since everything on the PSN Store is an electronic download, you can "import" games and media from Japan without having to wait weeks for shipments to arrive by post.

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Do I need a Japanese PS3, Vita, or PSP to use the Sony Japan PSN Store?

No! All current Sony products (PS3, Vita, and PSP) are region-free. You can use your U.S., European, or Asian Sony gaming system to access the Sony Japan PSN Store.

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What does it cost to open a Japanese PSN Store account?

It's free!

You can open a Japanese account using any PS3, Vita, or PSP. Learn how to register for a free Sony Japan account.

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How can I make purchases from the Sony Japan PSN Store?

Unfortunately, the Japanese store does not accept US or European credit cards, and only residents of Japan are allowed to apply for Japanese credit cards. This is where the NPP Store can help- purchase a card on this site and receive the code by e-mail within 24 hours.

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What games are available?

See my recommendations (including thoughts on the language ability required).

Wikipedia has the full list.

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Still have questions?

Contact me!